Magnolia Bark helps you manage your everyday stress*

When people talk about menopausal symptoms, night sweats and hot flashes may be the first that come to mind, but stress and moodiness may also play a role. Read on to learn more about occasional stress as a symptom of menopause, and how Magnolia Bark might help you manage this menopausal symptom.*

Menopausal Symptoms Can Include Stress and Anxiety

Though they are two separate emotions, stress and anxiety can work hand in hand, taking a toll on anyone, especially women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Stress comes from the pressures we feel in life, while anxiety is a feeling of fear and worry.1 Often anxiety is considered to be the long-term effect of stress2 and can be caused by a decrease in estrogen levels in menopausal women.3

Menopausal Moodiness

Much like anxiety, moodiness during menopause can be a side effect of declining estrogen levels. This can make some women feel like they’re in a constant cycle of PMS.4 Also the frustration of other menopausal symptoms like hot flashes or occasional sleeplessness may contribute to the fluctuations in mood.

But all hope is not lost!

Magnolia Bark Fights Back

Magnolia Bark, a tree-based ingredient made from the bark of the Magnolia species of plants,5 may help ease some symptoms associated with menopause.6 Studies have shown Magnolia Bark’s effectiveness in reducing the psychological effects and sleep disturbances often associated with menopausal symptoms.7 Common uses for Magnolia Bark include:

  • Everyday Stress8
  • Menopausal Anxiety9
  • Digestion issues10
  • Naturally-sourced Menopausal Symptom Solutions

    Simple things like getting enough sleep, exercising and planning ahead by making lists could make all the difference in easing mood and managing menopausal symptoms like everyday stress.11 Estroven® Stress Plus Mood & Memory formula, with Magnolia Bark helps you manage your everyday stress and keeping those bad moods at bay.*

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